Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hi Calvin!  You are here, you are 10 days old exactly and I have never been so happy in my entire life.

You were born on June 8, 2012 at 1:56 in the afternoon and here is your birth story….

Daddy and I had a dr. appointment for you on Thursday morning at 9:30.  Daddy usually works on Thursday’s at 11:00 but he really wanted to come this time so I was very lucky to have him with me.  Before we went, we took a long walk around the neighborhood to try and move you along.  Neither one of us could sleep so we went out to walk real early.  When we went to the dr. she said that you were not quite ready yet but that you were on the way.  Daddy brought me home and I was in a little bit of pain.  He decided to stay home with me and not go to work. We took another walk and I really started to feel uncomfortable.  Daddy and I thought you might be coming so we went to the hospital.  They checked me out and said you were still not ready yet, so they sent us home.  Daddy was trying to be so nice and took me to my favorite pizza place, Pavones. ( We will take you there when you can eat pizza.)  I was in so much pain that I didn’t even enjoy my pizza.  Daddy brought me home and scrubbed the bath tub so I could take a bath.  Then I paced around the house and we decided that I needed to go back to the hospital.  This time the dr. said I could stay!!!  I took a bath in a big bath tub with bubbles and they gave me some medicine and told me to rest.  Daddy was sound asleep all night but I was too excited and nervous to have you.  So, I did alot of staring out the window looking at the giant clock on the Money building, waiting for morning when I knew that you were going to be here.  The drs gave me some medicine to help move you along.  This medicine made you want to come into the world sooo fast that I had to take another medicine in my back to stop the pain. So, your dad and I waited with a really nice nurse who took great care of us.  At about 12:30 she said it was time for you to be here.  I pushed and your daddy and the nice nurse kept saying great things, like what a good job I was doing and that you were almost here to just keep pushing.  The dr. came in and I did two big pushes and then you came into the world.  The dr. had mommy pull you out and you looked blue and like a wrinkly old man.  I loved you anyway and your dad and I were sooooo happy.  Your dad told me that you were a boy and then he cut your cord.  We couldn’t believe it, you were actually here!  Then your mommy had to go have a quick operation so your daddy held you close until I got back.  Then your grandparents and your uncle Phil came in the room to meet you.  When everyone left your daddy and I just kept staring at you and talking about how crazy it was that we now had a beautiful baby boy.