Daily Archives: February 11, 2015

I started this blog as bettyannblog when I was oh.so. naive.  I was in love and cherishing my pregnancy.  I felt I had something to say. If you look at my past 3 (a whopping 3) blog posts I had a little bit to say.  I loved my life, my son, my marriage….is that something to say??? I’m afraid it isn’t.  To the masses, I was a period in a sentence, a stop light on the way to work, a trip to the store for milk.  No wonder I had writers block!!  Now, world, I have something to say.  So, my life has been reworked, and ceremonially my blog has been renamed to: Finding the Joy. Why?? “finding the joy”…  Well, that’s a story in itself that will be revealed and unveiled.  But, the short answer,……..I had a baby!IMG_3474

He changed the name of my blog, he changed my WORLD.  We named our baby, Judah Michael, meaning: to be praised. His birth was extraordinary.  It was full of all of the extraordinary ordinaries that births entail, but it held so much more.  Our Judah was born with Down Syndrome.  Swirled in the tornado of love and pain and confusion I instagramed his first pics as #joysofjudah IMG_3486and it stuck.  We were doused with information and isolation, compassion and confirmation.  We were thrown into this new normal and so was my blog. And now, 2 months later, I have chosen to rename and remake my life.   I choose to not rename my life with a trip to Holland , but rather to include the “Italy”  in all my obstacles.  This is where I find the joy.  So, welcome to finding the #joysofjudah, but more importantly, I welcome you to try pushing your joy through the pain.   Push your rainbow through  that cement wall, push sun through the clouds, push smiles through frowns and find the joy!   I am in love with my life because i grasp every strand of it and hold on tight!  It bursts, it stings, it loves. It is. ………and it is all mine, thank you very much!!!