You were born into this world and you were our everything. You made milestones like it was your job and you made friends like a mayor. You made it all so easy. Then suddenly I was pregnant, and just as suddenly  I wasn’t again.You saw the earth go around the sun just once and  already  had to  watch  me  do extreme sad.


Before too long, you witnessed me pregnant yet once more and you had and to notice that I was rocked with worry. Your world got rolled 9 months after that. You had to share the limelight with your new baby brother and  tread water through what we saw as tragedy. You survived more turmoil as Christmas was stolen from you like only a  grinch would do. You handled life like a boss as mommy and daddy took turns living “up high” in the hospital with your sick, little brother you barely knew.  Just three short years and you moved from being  everything to a part of something. Your reaction was finding gold. I watched your spotlight turn into a flood light. You handled so much so graciously.


Your doggie went to heaven and you just don’t care to let his memory go. The only home you’ve ever known is a Skelton and we’ve whisked you off to a  brand new land. You’ve left your toy bringing, snack sharing, lovely Miss Maureen and instead we’ve sent you to the structure that school brings. Your brother is a town celebrity.You have walks in his  name and people join together like it should be your birthday.    Judah’s teachers come.  They invade your toys and cheer about things you did two years ago. The life you know is a flipped mattress; a sudden move to Holland… and, I get it kid….


You cry out sometimes because your feelings are hurt, your life a little bit lost. I want to wrap a hug around your heart.    I see how you endure and embrace. Other people see it too.   You my dear son are the  hero in the midst of this loveliness. Your amorous adaptability makes you an endangered soul….and, I know you . I know you like I know where my shadow will be.  I know you will be okay, and you will be empathetic.  You will be brave, kind, compassionate and gracious. You will be successful, adaptable and of course handsome.  You will be smart, considerate, and sweet.  You will be so many great things… but today, today, you may be swirling, spinning, straining… And so you must know that It never leaves my brain how absolutely precious you are to our family. You are a crucial piece to the circuit that completes this family’s charm. I will never stop reminding you of this because it’s important and it is so. Please know, you still are everything. You are everything that you are supposed to be my darling baby boy.


A special thank you to those of you who reminded me that it was so very important to write this piece.