Daily Archives: June 8, 2016

My darling, my light,

my darling, my bright,

Many wishes for you,

this last, 3 -year -old night.

Wish as I may,

wish as I might,

wish you will always,

kiss me goodnight.

May I always be there

to make your hurt alright,

And may we always hug,

if ever we should fight.

May your baby blues,

twinkle just this bright.

May your ideas and your dreams

always strive to take the flight.

May you always know…

what is wrong and what is right.

And if you must meet darkness,

may you find God’s  shining light.

Girls will break your heart,

but don’t you run away in fright.

In fact,  be good to girls,

be their shining knight.

May you see the world with wisdom,

life is rarely black and white.

Be humble too, my dear,

no one is always right.

…And now, a wish for me,

though the day seems far from sight.

May our days together linger,

where I get to squeeze you tight.

And  then, when I must let you go,

may I know you’ll be alright.

You are my sun, my moon, my stars,  kid.

You’re everything that’s bright.

Keep shining on my darling,

I love you with all my might!!