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Hi it’s mommy, professing her unwavering love yet again. I wasn’t sure how to write this birthday post to you because, well, I wear you proudly on my sleeve daily. I think the whole world knows our love story and how it was born from pain. I’m pretty sure the universe is aware of how big our love is. That way my shame for being scared of you  morphed into an incredible explosion of devotion and advocacy. You’ve been called “my favorite” by many and I’m sure even more think it. Although, I love all you babies the same, I do feel I owe you the most. Call it disgrace for my early feelings or my innate need to help the world… but, either way, I don’t think you need another post about how crazy I am for you. I think you are wildly aware of how much I value your life, and I am certain you can feel how your short 3 years have made me such a better version of myself.

I thought instead  you may enjoy what others have said about your enchanting little soul over the years:

“Omg! He is so darn adorable!”

“Every time you post a picture or story about him, I find myself smiling. He’s absolutely beautiful and perfect.”

“Beth, I have to tell you that as an Uncle to a nephew with Down Syndrome who is 22 years old, I know that Judah is adorable!!! I love seeing your posts about him and his pics!He has the Greatest Smile and I know why you love him sooooo much!!”

“Every time I see him I just want to smother him in kisses and hugs.”

“A couple pieces of advice:

Keep dreaming big for Judah. Whatever it is you’ve imagined for him and his life, keep dreaming it. The possibilities for Judah are endless and I can absolutely guarantee he will amaze you, your husband and Calvin over and over again.

Judah is simply beautiful. And I’m thinking of you all. Two weeks in and you’re doing exactly the right things. And I’m certain this will continue. And when there are questions, there are so many great resources and people out there to help. Judah’s life will be amazing. Congratulations again to you and your family. ”

“Whether it was a doctor or a school CSE or a complete stranger just know that NO one can ever take away Judah’s worth or the unconditional and unsurmountable love that you will always have for him and that he will always have for himself and everyone he loves! That one rule of thumb has gotten me through a lot of scars and bends in the journey. He is who he is no matter what anyone or any diagnosis says he is, always has been and always will be, my boy. Judah is your Judah!”

“Love those smiley eyes!”

“The world is gonna love this kid…”

“He’s so carefree. It makes me want to be like that!”

“His happy makes me happy. I can feel it from here.”

“I believe in you!”

“All I can say is runny nose or not this soul has made my life a better. Following your family in this journey has be an amazing adventure. God put you all together for this reason , you make it all work out to his advantage . You are my hero and so is he.”

“Always love to see his constant excitement and happiness. ”

“He’s determined!”

“He’s just adorable. I think there is a resemblance between all your boys”

“With all the love we give to this ” Wonder Kid” we still will never be able to give back to him what he gives to our family. Judah thank you for being such a very special part of it.”

“that smiles just makes all bad stuff melt away”

“Judah is 10000% the boss of me. That charm, those sloppy kisses, his fierce will and the strength he has, all make me want to be a better person! We all have those kids we just ‘click’ with and from the moment I held the soft little fluff nugget I knew….I would never stop being Judah’s cheerleader and advocate. ”

Bub, there a million more messages just like this. I have barely scraped the sentimental surface. Countless people have mentioned your ability to change their outlook and even more people have shared stories with me of their  strife.  They felt brave enough to tell it because of you. People approach me just to talk about you… and both friends and strangers swarm to see your little personality in action.

And Bub, there’s something else I need to tell you…. I don’t want to bear the bad news but I’d rather you hear it from me first. There are people out there (ones who don’t know any better) who think you are not worthy of life because of your teeny, tiny,  extra chromosome. Well,  sweetheart, if you are ever unlucky enough to find someone who lets a little chromosome outshine your big important life? ….Then I pray you find this post and recall all these incredible things people said about you before you were even on this planet three years!!!! It’s incredible you know? The work you’ve done to change things in your short little life?  Don’t stop!!!! You are such a special person with a rare gift…… the gift to set the world on fire. Happy birthday Juju you are loved so fiercely.