Oh Augie, my baby, how you steadily undo me …with your clever demands, delicious words and looks that I get lost in.

You exhaust us easily in the way that you know yourself so well. But, in the midst of our exasperation, you should know how well your traits shall serve you.

The way you crawl into our bed, carrying your bunnies behind you. You are a problem solver. You will not complacently allow yourself to be frightened. You continue (and continue) to fight and wail when you are scared. You demand help. I shall never worry about you holding your own if you ,God forbid, meet an unsavory character on the path of life.

You ask for what you desire on repeat.  You know what your needs are and you will not waiver in the slightest bit from the thing that is holding your words hostage.  This will always serve you to be strong in your convictions.  May you hold your stance always the way that you do now.  I see you fighting for what is just and to be honest, it eases my mind a bit about how things will go when I am unable to lead you.

Your sense of style must not be messed with.  You will not be told what Halloween costume you will wear or what shirt goes best with your courdoroys.  You have many pairs of shoes and always wear the ones that fit your mood.   This tells me about your sense of self.  You are not wishy washy in your ways the way I was. You are certain about who you are and will always know the way you want to feel in the morning when you walk out the door.

You consistently ask for a bite of whatever thing me or daddy are eating at any particular time. You will not give up until you get to try our food, sometimes eating more of it than we do.  This tells me you are adventerous and willing to try new things.  You will enter the swirls of life knowing you have options and I know you will hold on to the ones that make you happy.

Your vocabulary is so adorably and eloquently developed.  And you know just how to use those baby blues to compliment your request.  The way you shout “hi” to everyone you meet and give them your undivided attention screams that you will always work well with others.

And let’s talk about you and your brothers.  Being the third is tough.  You get teased, you get hand me downs, and you will yourself to keep up with the gang.  Currently I am watching you surpass your older brother Judah. You fight back now and you hold your own….. but I also see the fierce loyalty you have for him too.  You help him to make good decions and make sure he’s following your bad ones (like jumping off the couch.)  The bond that you have formed with Calvin and Judah will be unbreakable.  I see it from the outside so clearly.  You are this magnetic personality that draws your brothers to you.  You are the glue little darling. The firey, unapologetic, hilarious glue.

I sometimes feel sad that someday the weight of caring for Judah may fall on yours and Calvin’s shoulders. But I know you will handle it all with passionate persistance….the way you handle everything.

You see my sweets. Your mighty personality sometimes gets the best of us.  It is certainly not to be overlooked.  But the things about you that make us beserk are the very things that make your soul so beautiful.   

Happy 3rd birthday Augie.  Life is so much more charming with you in it. I love you sweet boy.