Monthly Archives: July 2017

When they offer you that early test, lets all admit it…that’s what it’s for. Down syndrome . Deemed the worst road.. As a special needs mom there are so many roads I have seen now. Not worse, not better ; just different.  But when we are all offered that test… that’s the thing . The one they Detect. The one you can avoid. I can’t even imagine how many people have avoided…, statistics record 90% ? I place zero blame on that. .Had I have known I may have been in the majority. I cannot be sure of what I would’ve done. All I know is what I know now. You adapt. You do it quick. You fight. You advocate. You somehow find strength within yourself and you become strong and then……

You fall in GOD GIVEN love. You cant even help yourself ! Because all of the sudden you have gained a community , a fellowship, a fraternity.  And that is all minuscule compared to the diabolical endearments that greet you every morning with the best hug you’ve ever had.

You do all these things to make your kid great  because you know he is and you know he can be and because everyday you cannot believe how he is proving your old you wrong .

And then there he is. He has his little personality that warms souls and grows yours and you think… why did I ever believe this old belief to be so ?

I can say it because I was there. I uttered incomprehensible phrases of not wanting him to be my own.

And now…. I could not imagine a day without the way he makes my soul bigger, my heart brighter and my life fuller. He is a volcano of joy that erupts with each face he sees. Who does not want that in their life?

So Maybe the fear is because he is a rare gem? but maybe he is him and we just made him rare. He is me. He is you. He is the best part of all of us. He is worthy. And most importantly, he is a blessing. Momma’s honor!