Monthly Archives: October 2018

How have you been with us just 2 short years but we cannot remember life without you?

How does your secret smile steal our very soul?

How have you NOT always been the baby?


How stubborn can one human be?

How did you know we needed you; to fulfill us, to fix us, to help our family flourish?

How do you hold our heartstrings in your hand and play us like a puppeteer?


How do you know how to yearn with such God given passion?

How do you throw the perfect food curve-ball with such accuracy?

How come you despise sleep?

And how do you not know you need it?


How do you manage being an older and younger brother and not get lost in our shuffle?

How come you just want to be big?

But how are we still changing your diaper?

How can I ever help meet your many unreasonable requests?

And…How could I live without you?

Happy birthday Augie. Always my baby. Forever you’ll be!!!!